In 1994, The Wellsville Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 Utah non-profit organization was formed by a group of committed citizens to SAVE THE TABERNACLE!  In the heart of Wellsville, Utah, the beautiful Wellsville Tabernacle is being actively renovated with plans to re-open the site as the Wellsville Community Center for Arts, Education, and Entertainment. The Board of Directors meets twice a month.  For more information, contact Kaylene Ames, at (435) 245-6950 or message us on our Facebook page, Wellsville Foundation, Inc.

Thank you for your help in "Preserving the Beauty and Heritage of Our Community".

Kaylene Ames
Foundation President
Laurel Maughan
Foundation Vice-Chair

Kaylene Ames is the President of the Wellsville Foundation, Inc. She has been involved with the organization since 2000. Her goal is to renovate, rehabilitate, and re-open the historic Wellsville Tabernacle as the Wellsville Community Center of Arts, Education, and Entertainment.

Laurel Maughan is the Wellsville Foundation Vice Chair.  She is involved in grant writing and fundraising. She donates her time and energy to help us preserve the beauty and heritage of the community where she was born and raised.

Jami Van Huss
Foundation Vice-Pres.

Jami Van Huss is the Foundation Vice-President and Public Relations Director. She is the Founder's Day Breakfast Chairperson and has donated countless hours to the preservation of our historic Wellsville Tabernacle.

Sam Winward
Foundation Vice-Pres.

Sam Winward is the Vice-Pres. and Financial Director for The Wellsville Foundation, Inc. His business expertise and professionalism helps our organization be active and successful.